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“Traditional direct response copy works by tapping into fear-based emotions (which include fear/worry, shame, guilt, anger). That’s why it feels so icky. But you don’t have to tap into fear-based emotions to sell — you CAN sell with love by using love-based emotions.”

But, does love-based copy actually work?

Sure, it FEELS great to sell with love, but is it possible to grow a successful, profitable business using love-based copy?

My name is Michele PW, the founder of love-based copy philosophy and the author of the bestselling “Love-Based Business” series of books, and I’m here to tell you that YES it does work.

My Love-Based Copy and Marketing Company has used love-based copy and marketing to help ourselves and our clients sell nearly $50 Million dollars of products and services over the past 8 years.

If you’d like to learn more, start here.

“Over time, fear-based copy and marketing erodes businesses and brands, while love-based copy and marketing grows them both.”

  • Scott & Shannon Peck
    This year we launched our first two teleseries campaigns and felt lucky to be able to lean heavily on Michele PW´s great marketing strategies to create a brand new business. Our second campaign was especially tricky. After the first call to several hundred people, we only had 2 sign ups. We thought it was over! But Michele got into fast action, implementing great strategies and copy to drive sales up to our first $12,000 launch! Michele is a wonder woman with wide experience and savvy marketing sense. It´s like she knows what our people are thinking and can talk to them through her emails. And it works!
    Scott & Shannon Peck
    Authors, Soulmate Experts, & Love Mentors
  • Lisa Sasevich
    I just wanna give a huge shout–out, and a huge thank you, to Michele PW and her amazing team for the difference that they´ve made in our marketing over the last two years. Michele and her team have done an amazing job at pulling together the copy, really helping us as a team member, with formulating our offers and our marketing plan, and I´ll tell ya, I wouldn´t wanna do it without her. I hope I never have to. <strong>I really want to recommend that you contact Michele</strong> and have her pair you up with the perfect team member who can take all that copy that bogs you down — you know it´s a labor of love — and provide you exactly what you need and help you maximize both on and offline sales.
    Lisa Sasevich
    The Queen of Sales Conversion
  • Nancy Marmolejo
    I´m so grateful for Michele´s expert advice over the years. What she´s done is help me understand how to market myself online -- everything from how to write copy that sells to the correct way to do a product launch. She´s been one of my “not-so-secret” weapons that has helped me grow my business to a consistent 6-figures. I highly recommend Michele and her teachings.
    Nancy Marmolejo
    Online Visibility Expert
  • Linda H. Hunt
    With Michele´s expert copywriting and marketing help, we´re averaging an 8% conversion rate! Considering that 1% is typically considered really good by industry standards, we were blown away by the results.
    Linda H. Hunt
  • Kendall Summerhawk
    Thanks to your eagle eye and copywriting changes to ONE simple email I increased registrations for my “Give Your Pricing a Kick-in-the-Pants” Virtual Workshop Intensive by 20%! That´s money that went straight into my bank account!
    Kendall Summerhawk
    Author, How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It!
  • Brian Tracy
    Michele PW and her team have been a part of my marketing team for several months now, bringing her strategies and copywriting skills with her, and in doing so has increased our business. In fact, on one recent campaign she´s worked with us on, she helped increase our sales by 34% and increase our revenue on this promotion by 128% - wow! I highly recommend Michele PW and her team to help you with your copywriting and marketing.
    Brian Tracy
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Michele DeKinder-Smith
    I´ve just finished reading Michele PW´s special report, “Why Isn´t My Website Making Me Any Money?” and I´m thrilled! As a relatively newcomer to owning a revenue-generating site, I can see that by following this step-by-step guide I can make sure I know what to expect, where to prioritize my efforts to improve my site, and how to balance site content, visual appeal, and systems to support my goals. In addition, as a marketing researcher with 15 years experience evaluating marketing and copywriting campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, I know that the content in this report is sure to help even seasoned marketers improve their game. What a great gift of information to ensure that my site, Jane Out of the Box, really delivers value to our audience and financial success at the same time!
    Michele DeKinder-Smith
    Founder & CEO, Jane Out of the Box
  • Alicia Forest
    While I enjoy writing my own copy and it converts well, I´m always looking to learn from an expert in copywriting. Michele and Andrea gave me that expertise during the 1/2 day copywriting course, with examples of high-converting templates for me to tailor to my own message and market, plus the ‘why’ behind each element, so that it all made sense when I went to write my own next invitation. That invitation was an opt-in page to a free preview call series and my conversion rate was 74% (about a 25% increase over previous pages). What made the course extra valuable was learning what the current trends are that are working really well right now so my pages are set up for success from the get–go. If your copywriting isn´t getting the results you want, I highly recommend taking this course!
    Alicia Forest
    The Business Shifter™

“Don’t confuse the tool with the wielder. Just because some copywriters and marketers are hype-y, sales-y and manipulative, doesn’t mean ALL copywriters and marketers are hype-y, sales-y and manipulative. It’s only that way if you USE it that way.”